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Welcome to Pasadena Giants Youth Football And Cheer!! We are excited that your athlete is interested in joining The Pasadena Giants Family.  Our staff of volunteers will try our best to provide your family with any information and support needed throughout our season and beyond. Whether your athlete has been playing a few years or they’re a 1st time player, we hope that your athlete enjoys their experience with our organization.


The Pasadena Giants is a non-profit, all volunteer Youth Football and Cheer organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for children (ages 5-14) to participate in the sport of football and cheer while also giving kids the opportunity to thrive within a positive team. Our goal is to build character, instill discipline, teamwork, goal setting, integrity and personal sacrifice that is not only essential to the sport, yet to the everyday world. The program has served in the community by keeping young athletes from marginalized communities off the streets and providing them with a program of structure and discipline while also teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, and accountability along the way.  Our organization provides kids with the ability to express themselves through athletics in a community where many youth can be consumed by the environment created by poverty. By participating in the program, many of our youth have gone on to be successful as high school student/athletes and college student/athletes as well.


We’re planning on having teams for 6U, 8U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U

*Please note that our 11U and 13U teams might be playing and/or traveling outside of our AAU conference for games.



- NOW FINISHED!! Every Friday; Check In - 5:00PM; Practice/Training - 5:30PM-7:30PM

We strongly suggest that your child begin to prepare for this upcoming season by attending our practice/training sessions.


- July 3, 2023!! This will be the start of our mandatory conditioning (Please try to schedule family vacations around this time period if possible) Any conditioning hours that are missed will need to be made up.




- TBD........ School schedule practice days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; Games on Saturdays

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Q:  How many games are there during the season??
A). Each team will play an 8 game schedule with the possibility of playoff games and a championship game if they make it. Each team is allowed to schedule Bowl games or accept invitations to Bowl games upon their completion of their last season game being played. The Bowl games can be against teams in other conferences.


Q:  Where are the games played??
A). Our Home football games are held at Robinson Park Football Field in Pasadena, Ca. Our Away football games will be played against the other teams within the AAU Conference at the sites their organizations use for games. As far East as Palm Springs, Ca.; As far North as Antelope Valley, Ca.; As far South as Huntington Beach, Ca.; As far West as Inglewood, Ca.; Also including many cities in between those destinations as well.

Q:  How do I register my athlete??
A). You can register online at  (Once you’ve created an account and logged in) or in person with our staff during any practice or workout.


Q:  Would I get a refund if my athlete quits Football and/or Cheer??
A). You have until July 17, 2023 to receive a refund of your registration fee…. Athletes who may quit between July 3, 2023 through July 17, 2023 will receive a refund including a non-refundable fee of $125 from the amount they’ve paid.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER JULY 17, 2023!! This refund policy applies to both football and cheer athletes. Parents who plan on canceling their athletes registration must notify the President by email at The date that the cancellation request is received will serve as the effective cancellation date as long as the athlete has quit all on field activities with our organization.

Q:  What is included with registration??
A). There is significantly more participation time and equipment provided for use to the participant in football compared to most other recreational sports. Our volunteer staff supervises our athletes for hundreds of hours throughout the duration of a season. Your registration fees contribute to the following costs: Fees for use of our field permit, for games, referees, field lights, uniforms, AAU Conference fees, game day onsite EMTs, football insurance, football accessories, cheer competition, cheer camps, equipment reconditioning, practice equipment, referee fees, and new equipment purchases, etc....

Q: How much volunteer time is expected from parents??
A). Parents are expected to volunteer for game day activities during our Pasadena Giants season, including playoff games, championship games, bowl games and cheer competitions. Each family is required to provide a minimum of 4 volunteer hours. Opportunities include (but are not limited to), assisting during game day (field security, gate entrance monitor(s), chain gang during games, field set up/take down, score board keeper, snack bar duty, and other team specific duties). More information in regards to parent volunteer hours will be available soon. Thank you in advance!!

Q: Will there be fundraisers this season??

A). Yes!! Staff will notify parents when those opportunities present themselves so everyone can participate. Fundraisers are very necessary and essential to our organization!! Without the fundraising help, we would be at a great disadvantage and money to help the program would be lost with every athlete that registers with The Pasadena Giants Youth Football & Cheer organization.

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